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Increasingly we are finding our data centre end-customers are looking towards their General Contractors (GC’s) to find ways of speeding up the process of delivering security and data networking throughout their new builds without compromise on standards or increasing risk. 

This is especially the case where the procurement of the right security integrator can be protracted and involve many layers of decision making.  However, the backbone of every security system, which requires delivery soonest, is the first fix of the security cable network and data network which is the same regardless of who is appointed.  This also goes for the BMS systems data network and the general network access points whether they be fixed or WAP.

Finding a first fix contractor for these services is not easy as there are not many suppliers who have the knowledge, experience, and wherewithal to complete this work successfully first time.  At FWCE this is exactly what we do every day, and who knows, we could well end up being the second fix and security systems installer anyway through one of our Security Integrator clients.  It is for this reason, we can support our GC and M&E clients to speed up the delivery process, possibly reducing cost and increasing delivery certainty with less risk.

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