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Increasingly, with larger or longer duration projects, our clients are asking us to provide on-site supervision, project engineering, commissioning engineers, project management and, occasionally, package management.  FWCE is always happy to help fulfil any of these requirements you may have through our ever-expanding team of experienced, trained, and qualified people.

Our extended management services often strengthen the value we bring to our clients, removing the time and hassle for Project Manager’s needing to be on-site visiting so frequently.  This is especially the case where travel through-out EMEA reduces the PM’s ability to manage more projects, increasing cost, stress, and our carbon footprint.

Our extended management services are there to make it easier for our clients to deliver successful overseas projects consistently, with less risk, burden, stress, and cost that so often can bedevil a complex project.  This has never been more the case than during the 2020 pandemic when we were able to help so many of our clients to achieve their project commitments safely and fairly.

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