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Most of our clients at FWCE come under this category as this is where we started and where the founders have their background.  Our whole proposition originates from delivering value to our clients by completely understanding their business motivations, challenges and what success looks like from their point of view.

We are not a competitor to our clients at any level, we are not a VAR and we do not work directly for end customers.  Instead, we are solely focused on supporting our clients deliver their solutions to their customers successfully.  Our glory comes from our client’s success – to their customers, their managers, owners, and shareholders.

We are not a cheap labour only (no responsibility) subcontractor, we are an accountable human engineering service provider, where the value we add comes not only from what we do, but also who we are and how we do it.

To this end, our proposition is not only about the skilled people in our teams, but the full package of managed services and product supplies we can tailor and offer our clients to reduce their Risk, Burden, Hassle, and stress delivering complex security and data networking projects throughout the EMEA region.  FWCE begins and finishes by providing its clients with certainty of their project outcomes.

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