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Over the years, we have assisted overseas integrators, mainly from the USA and Australasia, who have customers who need systems being installed and supported within the EMEA region. 

So far, we have assisted these clients on an ad-hoc basis as we were not able to cover all the territories we now can.  However, where we have provided this service, it was highly valued by our client as our package of services was exactly what they were looking for.  Also, as we are not a Value-Added-Reseller (VAR) of the enterprise technologies being supplied, we did not seek to take that profit stream from our overseas client in the way in-country VAR’s had done in the past.

Now, FWCE is coming of age, and is ready to support our overseas integrator clients to make it easy for them to provide high quality, consistent services for their customers throughout the EMEA region.  Our tailored package of services, with fully managed skilled teams, installation materials, peripheral equipment and all

ancillaries and consumables packaged and supplied locally at fixed prices takes the risk out of delivering overseas and gives project certainty to our client and their customers.  This is further enhanced with our Extended Management Services and Professional Engineering Support packages which enables us to become a trusted partner, providing a complete service on your behalf.

Remember, they are always your customer and you are our client.  We never work for end-customers, not even for small pieces of work, that is what you do, and we are humbled to be your agent.  This is a fundamental rule for us as your trusted partner and it would go against all our guiding principles to do different.

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