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Where high installation standards and a good technical knowledge of networking and enterprise security is required, FWCE, with its cultural values, proves to be your perfect trusted partner across EMEA that will never become your competitor.

As global communications improve, the world becomes smaller for many businesses and organisations, but a local presence is often very important to enable the markets to be properly served.  However, for many of these global organisations, maintaining consistent operational standards as well as good personnel and property security controls becomes a critical risk to their brand integrity.

This has led to an increase demand for integrated global security systems which operate as one solution right across the enterprise estate of an organisation.  This can deliver many benefits to the end customer that go well beyond just their security and operational needs. 

Although, this then adds another dilemma for the organisation; how do they procure these types of systems on a global basis and ensure they are consistent in installation standards and function?

Several clients of FWCE do just this for their customers.  Some deliver the systems for their customers directly in their home regions, particularly the USA and Australasia, but partner with FWCE to act as their technical agent within the EMEA region to deliver systems on their behalf for their customers – remember, FWCE does not work for end customers and is not a VAR.

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