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The driving force behind our formation in 2015, hinged on improving the project delivery methods and after sales support services, for specialist security systems and data networks throughout Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). Our adaptation needed to reflect market driven change, including the advancement and convergence of building technology and the globalisation of our customers.  An easier, more consistent, reliable, and confident way was required, where risk was reduced and replaced with certainty.

With more than 50 years combined experience, FWCE’s senior team have a deep knowledge of our industry; especially when it comes to successfully delivering projects away from home on an international stage.  The human factors, as well as the logistics, technical knowhow and general management are of paramount importance.  Taking good care of these factors enables FWCE to reduce risk, meet deadlines, and consistently achieve the precise installation standards required for high specification and integrated solutions.

Our clients are predominately security systems 

integrators, who need a delivery partner to support them meeting their customers’ needs.  A trusted partner, who will reduce or share the risks and make the whole process easier and more fulfilling.  Especially where high installation standards and technical expertise is a prerequisite to success.

FWCE are not a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of any brand-leading technologies and have no intention of becoming one.  That is not what we do!  Our business strategy and operating model is to “plug the human gap” in delivering technical projects.  However, we do know these technologies profoundly well, but our clients are the VAR’s, and they provide their services to the end customers – we do not work directly for end customers.

FWCE is a human organisation with a caring family approach to all our team and everyone we interface with.  We believe in our people and take every decision and action through the application of our guiding principles: 

Helpfulness – Humility – Honesty and Fairness.

Everyone at FWCE has a duty and responsibility to the wider communities we operate within; physically, socially, spiritually, and environmentally, to do their best to act within these guiding principles always.  It is the application of these principles, and our duty to them, that allows our clients to become close trusting partners where we can remove risk, burden and troubles for them and apply our skills and knowledge to the maximum effect.

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