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At the core of FWCE is our managed installation service, where our highly skilled teams work with accountability, ensuring project are consistently delivered to our client’s requirements in terms of quality, time, and money. 

While our prices may not be the cheapest option, we are usually the lowest cost for our clients. FWCE not only look at the work to be done, in addition, we assess the risks and cost impacts of your projects as well.  We also consider what services you require to support your inhouse team, so we can provide a fixed price package tailored to your specific needs.  We then manage our own teams, so installation standards, quality, people planning, logistics, productivity, and efficiency, are all backed within this FWCE price promise.

As well as our human engineering service, FWCE are often asked to include the supply of all installation materials, containment, ancillaries, and consumables as part of that fixed price.  Through our supply and logistic network, we can also supply system components, cable, fibre and much more if required –

just let us know what would make it easiest for you so we can be helpful.

Our fixed price always includes travel, accommodation, and the welfare for our team while they are working away from home.  This removes the risk, responsibility, cost and burden for organising and funding these often overlooked and highly variable costs within the project.

While it is not often requested by our clients, other than for undefinable scopes of work or short durations, we would be happy providing a schedule of rates or daywork rates when needed.

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